Monday, December 28, 2009

A few more Christmas pics

It is our tradition, after everyone does Christmas morning at their house, we gather at my house, or mom's or my sister's and exchange gifts. This year was Christy's turn to host. Whoever hosts makes a big brunch, we all eat, and then gifts are handed out.

Blondie was determined to play Santa this year, and Christy told her she could hand out presents if she wore a hat.

Mom received a couple of her own prints framed. That is Cheesie dressed in her Halloween costume - mom took some amazing portraits of her.

The kids put the pool table/ ping pong table to good use in the basement while the rest of us hung out upstairs.

Early in the afternoon we left, and later gathered at my house for Christmas Dinner. Everyone had a great day. We really enjoy just being together.

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inked33 said...

i haven't read through your blog *yet*, but i wanted to tell you that i read your comment on Linny's dilemma with Jubilee... great response. thank you for sharing :)