Friday, September 24, 2010

I... just....didn't....know

I went up to my room the other night, and found Cheesie sleeping in my bed. So I woke her up and shepherded her to her bed. As I walked in, I saw this....

And then promptly yelled, "BLONDIE!"
Blondie came trotting up the stairs and I asked, "WHAT is THAT on the WALL?"
To which she replied while rolling her eyes, "Um... My tally sheet for days until Halloween." and then I'm pretty sure she thought, "DUUUUH!"
Closer inspection showed that she used playdoh to stick the pencil and paper to the wall. This led to the question, "Why did you use playdoh?"
Again, you could hear in her voice that I was an idiot, "It is just like what you use at school for your posters."
Not exactly (I use properly sanctioned blue gummy poster thingies), but I let it slide. I didn't ask about the orange foam sticker stuck to my wall. Whatever. Hope it all comes off.

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