Monday, September 27, 2010

Scooping ice cream with one hand

So I bought ice cream cones yesterday (a rarity at our house). Tonight I'm helping T-Rex with math while Blondie reads to me, and Cheesie pipes up with.... "OH! We have ice cream cones." Blondie stops reading and heads to the kitchen to make herself one. As she is walking out I tell her to make me one too.

Then it occurs to me. How is she going to scoop ice cream and put it in a cone using one hand.... I was halfway hoping she would remember her left hand and use it somehow. A few minutes later I get an ice cream cone delivered to me. "Cool," I think to myself, "She figured it out."

Brian goes into the kitchen a minute later and starts HOWLING with laughter. This is how a one-arm working child scoops ice cream into a cone... (Please excuse the condition of her shirt.... she comes home from school everyday looking like this.)
Shove the cone into the ice cream until it stands up.
Scoop and pat...

Lick the ice cream off the bottom of the cone, and enjoy.


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Holly said...

so cool, she figured out how to make it work for her