Monday, October 4, 2010

Around the house...

Nothing specific has been happening.... just a lot of the same. I did manage to make a few Christmas presents this weekend for the little ones. I went to a few garage sales and found some great legos for the classroom, some more books for the kids (my daughters and my students), and T-Rex got a barely used bike and some nice shelves. So here are random pics of the kids for the weekend.

Big Al: Self portrait. I think these are about the only pictures she takes, unless its one with her and a friend. Big Al went with her friend to a charity walk for her friend's cousin. He has tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) which is when the body grows tumors in major organs. Big Al and her friend volunteered for about 11 hours, and I was quite pleased that she decided to do this on her own.
T-Rex: No idea what she's thinking here...... She is still on "Dawson Unplugged" which is our term for grounding - nothing that plugs in except the hairdryer. If you have time for the other stuff, then you certainly have time for studying math.

Blondie: played a lot, rode her bike. I love the sleeping picture. One night a weekend they can sleep downstairs and watch tv late. Blondie made up a special area and promptly fell asleep.

Cheesie has been keeping the tooth fairy busy this week (two teeth lost and one more loose). I would take a picture and share with you, but she is passed out on the couch from a very busy day in second grade (and if I don't post something soon, I'll be hearing from my father-in-law).

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