Sunday, October 10, 2010


Blondie's PT had another festival today for her clients. She has two of these a year, and my kids always want to go. Cheesie and Blondie had a great time, while Big Al and T-Rex helped out with making masks and delivering water around - even in October SC has some HOT days.

This one had a fall theme, and the kids decorated pumpkins with sliced vegetables. They decorated masks, played games, and ate a lot of snacks. There was a pinata for the little kids, and then one for the older kids.

Horseback riding was the big hit with my little girls! They both went a couple times. The hardest part was getting Blondie up because she had to step up with her weaker foot, but once she was up she was fine. Cheesie was all smiles and enjoyed it so much.

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