Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Delivering acorns to squirrels in need

Yep.... thank goodness for facebook. I keep up with an organization called Carolina Wildlife Care, and my mom mentioned that they had posted on facebook that they needed acorns for squirrels that they are rehabilitating. Blondie had a great time looking for them in the yard, and my mom took them over to the place, and while very grateful, they needed more.

So, today at the end of my Brownie girl scout meeting, Blondie, Cheesie and the other girls, all went outside and gathered 10 or 15 pounds of acorns from under our oak trees at school as a simple community service project. It only took them 15 minutes because they were VERY engaged with the whole idea of helping injured animals. I was going to just hand them off to my mom tomorrow, but Blondie and Cheesie really wanted to see the place, so I drove across town, in rush hour traffic to deliver them in person.

This place runs on a few donations, and a whole bunch of volunteers, and they take in any wild animal to try to rehabilitate. I was NOT prepared for how many cages (about 50-70) of squirrels (several in each cage) were in one room. Honestly, squirrels are a bit of a nuisance for our family because try as we might, we can't keep them out of our attic in the winter, and we can hear them running the walls on really cold nights (creeps me out). Blondie and Cheesie however, are planning on going back out to the schoolyard tomorrow afternoon and pick up some more acorns - although I'll definitely hand those off to my mom to deliver on her way home.

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