Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The State Fair

Saturday we had big plans to go to the State Fair. Unfortunately we went out to the car and found a BIG FLAT TIRE. Then there was a problem getting the spare out, and then Brian was already dressed and needing to go get Big Al from gymnastics, and needing to be at the Fair before 1 because it was scout day. So I did what all mom's would do (I hope). I recognized that Brian wanted to go because he loves photography and it was a great place to shoot pics, as well as look at the photography contest. The kids wanted to go because, well..... they are kids. So I stayed home. No martyrdom, just what needed to be done, and I'll admit..... I enjoyed the quiet. So while I hung out and actually read a book, the kids ate cotton candy, fried butter (actually extra credit for Big Al) giant corndogs/hotdogs, and lots of lemonade. They were very thoughtful and brought home some cotton candy for me as well.

I also got to hear about the pig races, the quilt contests (Brian put in an order for me), and the cake decorating contest (T-Rex was terribly impressed) and all of the animals. The little girls were also very impressed with the giant sand sculpture. Next year they want to ride a bunch of rides. They are already planning that visit.

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