Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lost tooth

Cheesie lost a tooth a couple months ago, but with 3 more loose she was not wanting to wiggle them or even touch them. Tonight, she lost one on top. Two more loose ones to go.
If you remember, Brian named the last lost tooth entry "First lost tooth on the last child".... just so he knows, I do not agree that this is the last child, adoption is a wonderful thing.


Holly said...

where do you think you would want to adopt from

Kelly said...

Holly, at this moment there is a sweetie available through SC foster sytem. There are so many children in so many place. There are photolistings of US adoption, but so many more not pictured. This specific little guy is legally free, and just started kindergarten. I've also looked at overseas adoption, but when Brian was out of work for so long we put that on the back burner. Love to Jailynn and Camden.