Sunday, December 5, 2010

En Garde

In early November, Blondie began taking fencing lessons like T-Rex. She had watched a few practices, and thought she could do it. I thought it might be worthwhile because she doesn't have to use two hands, but she does have to concentrate, and balance on both feet to be effective. A little boy from her school takes lessons too, so she was very excited. Rick, the coach, didn't see any problems with her taking the class so we went ahead and signed her up.

YES, I'm sure the bigger girl was letting Blondie poke her, but Blondie is absolutely loving this class. She works very hard to have her homework completed before she goes (or she knows she has to stay home), and on Tuesdays she takes the class in addition to physical therapy - so she's one tired little girl.

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Anonymous said...

I love the first photo. This would be an excellent caption contest photo: "You might be twice my size, but I'm not leaving until the princess is saved!"