Thursday, December 30, 2010

One down, three to go

Today Big Al had her braces removed once and for all. About a month ago they took off the top ones, but the lower teeth just weren't exactly ready. Today, perfection:
I know she'll hate this picture because it isn't her normal smile, but we needed PROOF that the braces were gone... I'll replace it when we get a better one.

After the appointment we got her set up for her science experiment (trying to prove that organic pesticide is just as effective as Sevin - which is used a TON, but comes with hideous warning labels like "Don't let it absorb into your skin, or get into your storm drains" but we're supposed to put it on our food crops). So far we're thinking she needs to set up with more pesticide in her bags because the organic is slowly killing more fruit flies than Sevin, but not quickly enough (she has been observing for hours).
Once she got to a stopping place she talked her Dad into hanging up her hammock, and then tried it out.

Yes, she is wearing her wool pea coat and snuggie because it was chilly. Next I have to teach her to lie down the other direction so she can enjoy the view.

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