Saturday, January 1, 2011


Last night we had a family gathering at our house for New Years since my family was sick for Christmas. My Uncle Tom and his wife Amy, and their daughter CJ came, along with my mom, sister and niece, and Big Al's friend "K". Around about 11 Brian remembered to pull out the camera and started taking pictures.

CJ and Tom - drinking slushies
CJ and Cheesie reading a book.
Blondie and Cheesie did a great job keeping up with CJ, although at one point I heard Blondie tell Cheesie, "Your turn" so apparently they were tag teaming. It's tough keeping track of a two year old when you have so many cool things to play with.

About 5 years ago on the 4th of July Big Al was burned by a firework. She wasn't shooting them off, but watching them, when one tipped over and shot into her leg. It was incredibly traumatic, and with all of our kids illnesses, it is the one that Brian and I feel responsible for. Since then we generally don't do ANY fireworks, but Brian held on to some sparklers and pulled those out. For the record the kids did these one at a time and with pretty intense supervision. I stayed inside because I couldn't stand to watch.

T-Rex and her sparkler.Cheesie

CJ with hers..... her Dad was standing RIGHT THERE.

Big Al and "K"joining the fun. Blondie participated too, but Brian didn't have his camera out at that point.Blondie had waited all night for the Times Square festivities to be on TV, apparently that is a big tradition for her. She slept on the floor until after the Carolina bowl game (tragic) and popped awake once I told her we were switching the channel.

Nearing midnight, CJ was waaaaayyyyyy past tired, and on full throttle, but having a good time. A fun night with my great family.

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