Monday, January 10, 2011


Wow! South Carolina has had 2 significant snowfalls (day after Christmas and today) in one winter (3 times in one year - last February T-Rex was sledding in a cast).
This white stuff may actually be around tomorrow too because its supposed to be freezing rain tonight. EVERYTHING is closed down because our city has only about 4 trucks for sanding and clearing roads. I was laughing at the newspaper photo in the state that showed the very depleted milk shelf at the grocery store. Everyone runs out to stock up as if we're going to be inside for a week.

The kids (and our dog Maggie) have been in and out all day, playing with 3 other houses of neighborhood kids. They built a big fort (or two) and have been having snowball fights all day. Big Al's thumb is bruised, and moving minimally so we'll have to keep an eye on that, but otherwise they have had a great time. Apparently they pulled out all of the yard equipment (hence the leaf rake) to gather all of the snow.
Oh sure, make the youngest one shovel the snow.

I hope my rakes aren't destroyed so we can get all of the leaves hiding under the beautiful snow.
Maggie spent a lot of time supervising the girls, while the little dog Tate spent the day curled up next to me inside. Maggie can't stand for the girls to be outside without her keeping an eye on them.

They also spent time catching snowflakes.

The kids are crossing their fingers for at least a 2 hour delay tomorrow so we'll have to wait and watch the news later tonight.

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