Thursday, January 13, 2011

And Then the Ice Melted

Enough for us to get out of the neighborhood anyway. Today was Day 4 of no school due to snow. I had already scheduled a cadette meeting for today, because of cookie paperwork needing to go home, so we met at the bowling alley. We SOOOOOOOOOOOOO needed to get out of the house, and these girls just love hanging out. We made them play without the bumpers (don't you think they are old enough?) so there were a ton of gutter balls, but they had a great time making fun of each other. While the big girls played on their two lanes......
the younger siblings (Blondie, Cheesie and T) played on their own lane. Cheesie and T had a lot of trash talking going on. Things like "OOOOH take that strike," and "You are going DOWWWWNNNN." Blondie had a spill on the slick floor, but eventually popped back in to play. T won the first game (much to Cheesie's horror) and Blondie blew out the second game. I was glad to have something silly and active to do with all these kids.

Part way through bowling my Brownie coleader called me and asked if the girls (and any other cadettes) could meet at the council office for a photoshoot for the local newspaper. Cookie sales start Friday, so they were doing an article about it, and since the article mentioned the soldiers, and the VA hospital (earlier posts) and the girls participated they thought it would make sense to have the girls there. The photographer stood on a stool and shot a ton of pictures and we were finished fairly quickly.
Blondie said it was the BEST DAY EVER. I must admit I enjoyed it too.

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eavice said...

Here is an interesting discussion of the benefit of teasing - I was skeptical about the social benefits initially; but with teens, it is a part of my life. Now, maybe once in a while I'll think it is more than just annoying.