Thursday, June 7, 2012

If you go to the local tv station..... make sure you look presentable

Tomorrow I take Blondie and Cheesie, along with a few other girl scouts, to DC for the 100 year celebration. When Girl Scouts gather together they usually bring SWAPS with them.  The girls swap the pins with scouts from other areas as a memento of the event.  I heard from a friend at work that a local tv station (wltx) had a penny press machine that they would let anyone use, so I called. Since I wasn't going to sell them they let me come in with the girls and we pressed 120 pennies with either the SC flag, or the outline of the state.

As the machine is squeaking along, and the receptionist is probably counting down until we're finished (it was really a loud, long process), and my kids argue over who gets to do the next one..... the receptionist asks, "Which one of you girls want to be on TV?"  Um. NONE OF THEM. Cheesie looked the most presentable, but Blondie needs a haircut badly, and I walked out without doing hair or makeup (because WHO WAS I GOING TO SEE AT A TV STATION).  Big Al and T-Rex immediately recognize the gravity of the situation and slowly disappear to the couches FAR, FAR AWAY from any camera, or reporter. I do what any good mom would do, I promptly throw my youngest to the wolves. They can speak for Girl Scouts, right?  They know what we're doing, right?  Cheesie does the morning show at school.... that's the same, right? RIGHT?
They did a respectable job, and everything was fine, UNTIL..... DUDE turns the camera to me and hands me a microphone and asks me to speak on 100 years of scouting, what the girls are doing, and why we're making SWAPS. Seriously, it's girl scouts, we tend to do a bit of crafting, you have a free machine what's the story?  So tonight, or some point soon, you may see me on TV, and I apologize for my appearance, and promise I won't let anyone leave the house like that again.

***I also apologize for the quality of picture, it was my cell phone because I had forgotten the camera at the house too***

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