Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm baaaaaack.

Yes, I took a long break from blogging. I didn't intend to, but it started with our other computer getting two very expensive, monster viruses. We finally caved and bought a new computer this spring, but I was so out of the habit I didn't pick it back up again.

SO, without going back to update everything ( because we do so much) I'll just start with today.  TODAY is the second official day of summer vacation, and we have so much planned this summer.  Right now Big Al is cheering Monday through Thursday at the high school getting ready for next year's competitive season.  Her big push for the last couple months has been her tumbling skills. She used to be a softball player, then a soccer player, and then she quit it all to do gymnastics which quickly turned into cheerleading. So last year was her first year on any team, and she did well (and wasn't hurt thank goodness).  Once the winter basketball season was over and things slowed way down (for her, not me) she started taking lessons across town. Today she showed me her tumbling at the team practice.

Of course there are also huge crashes......

No, the camera didn't go crazy from me being worried, I was laughing too hard. She was fine.  

Edited later: I'm not sure why the videos are green and not showing the video, but I"ll keep working on it.

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