Monday, December 24, 2012

Charlotte with Friends

Big Al turned 16 this year. She didn't want to do the normal "party" type thing. She brought a couple friends along for a trip to Charlotte for shopping and dinner.
Big Al and "M" tried on clothes all over the mall. Then we had to go back to certain stores and make our purchases. We were totally pooped by the time we headed for the car. Poor "C" (a guy) followed them all over the mall, never complaining....... except at the very end when I was grumpy too. 

Then we went to Cheesecake Factory (I'm in so much trouble when one opens up in our local mall). We chatted,

and laughed,

and got coke on our face from....

flicking straws and making them pop.

FINALLY, they brought out the cheesecake. We had a selection to share at our table (although 2 had to be Snickers, because I was NOT willing to share mine).

They brought out Big Al's cake and sang to her.

"M" trying her first cheesecake. She decided to stick with the strawberry shortcake she ordered.

We cleaned up, and headed home with a lot of take home boxes.  A fun day with super friends.

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