Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Impromptu gathering

Big Al, T-Rex, fifth daughter "I,"  and friend "C" were going to the mall to meet up with T-Rex's friend and go see the Hobbit. We were all set even though Big Al, and "I" were less than thrilled.
As soon as we pull into the mall the power goes out (really bad winds knocked a tree into a transformer) and everyone had to leave the theater. So.......... we came back to a dark house, and found various forms of entertainment. Thankfully the lights came back on fairly quickly.
Blondie is adding to Lego central on our dining table.  They are slowly working through their sets they got for Christmas, and Blondie bought another one today. A year ago she wouldn't have been able to follow the directions to build a model, but this school year she really took off with it.  The spatial part of her thinking is something we constantly work with, and her math teacher really pushes it in her class (HAHA).

"I" and Cheesie started up the Xbox (LOVE this thing) and Just Danced for hours. "C" and Big Al (and I) joined in too.  It's very loud in the living room right now.

This is "C."  I don't know why he is trying on my daughter's sweatshirt, but..... whatever.
I promised I wouldn't post videos of him dancing, so I won't.
T-Rex and her friend "A" sought refuge in the library to work on a puzzle and watch Dr. Who on netflix.  I guess the noise was too much for them. (Brian disappeared to the safety of our room too).

I love the noise and the chaos..... so if you're out and about and need something to do, swing by. There are lots of things going on here.

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