Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can you tie a shoe with one hand?

Blondie finally has a new OT, and she appears to have a lot of good ideas. On the very first day we met her (last week) she showed Blondie how to tie her shoes with one hand. We didn't practice it a whole lot, because honestly I hadn't paid total attention to it. Tuesday was therapy day and Ms. Kathy's new place is by a swimming pool. Blondie grabbed her swimsuit hoping she could showoff her swimming skills, and we went to therapy.

The new office shows a lot of promise and we are quite excited about all of the possibilities - a kitchen for cooking - a pool, a playground, a big green to play on, VERY quiet streets on which to ride our bike, etc. See, Ms. Kathy started this place so she could help kids learn to do what they needed in an environment that got them out and moving. Previous employers (we are glad we are no longer connected to) told her she had to keep kids inside, couldn't take them outside etc. Well, outside is where Blondie rides her bike, and her roller blades, and climbs on playgrounds - so this new place works for us.

Blondie was in the back room changing into her swimsuit when Ms. Tonya (OT) walked in. She saw Blondie sitting there asking me to tie her shoe, and immediately jumped back in to reteach her how to do it. Now Blondie was NONE TOO PLEASED with this idea because she wanted to go to the pool, but Ms. Tonya was insistant. There was a LOT of sighing, and eye-rolling, but eventually it was done. Unfortunately for Blondie once the first shoe was finished there was ANOTHER WHOLE SHOE to tie. I do have a video of this exchange, but it is too big for this blog.... so we had Blondie do it for the camera (and still pictures). If I can figure out how to edit the video in Movie Maker (and frankly have the time to do it) I'll post it later.

Step 1: Cross the laces...

Step 2: If the lace on the right is on top then pick up the lace and thread it up through the bottom (It its on the bottom then thread it down through the top)...

Step 3: USE SLEEPY HAND to help hold on to the laces (with your regular hand) and pull tight - She is SO amazing. Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 again.

Now you have two knot thingies on top of each other.

Step 5: Poke one of the plastic ends of the lace through the knot thingie until it makes a rabbit ear.

Step 6: Do the same thing with the other lace so you have two rabbit ears.

Step 7: Use both hands to pull both rabbit ears until tight.

Step 8: Take a break because you have ANOTHER shoe to do.

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