Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swim Team Dance

When you have four daughters, you frequently hear jokes about "Oh my gosh that means 4 teenagers" or "Your poor husband, all those girls." etc. Well, last night my "poor" husband was working in Florida, and missed the sudden vision I had of the future,

Our swimteam is housed at a country club, and we enjoy the pool and the people. Last night was the awards night for the swimteam, and then a dance followed for the kids and families. Apparently ALL of my girls thought it was a HUGE date night, and the effort that went into getting dressed and doing hair was tremendous. "Where's my bow?" "Mom, Hair up or down." "Can I wear blush? I'm almost 12." All of the girls had long since picked out their clothes, but were concerned they couldn't wear their strappy sandals in the club (they could). All of the girls on swimteam were dressed up, and all of the high school girls were VERY dressed up. What cracked me up was that pretty much EVERY SINGLE BOY in the place was in khaki shorts with a polo (I guess having boys WOULD be easier to dress).

Each girl got a trophy for participating in swimteam, with the little girls also getting blue ribbons, and the older girls getting participation ribbons and swimcaps. Then the bigger awards came up. BLONDIE got MOST IMPROVED SWIMMER for girls in her age group (about 15)! I was stunned. This is a big deal in the club and a lot of kids work toward it, as well as the Best Attitude award. Did her arm have something to do with it? Maybe, but she didn't win it last year. We were all very proud of her, and she was excited to get a special trophy that pulls off to be a medal. We took pictures of her with coach Jessie, and then the girls (and some friends) with coach Dan (EVERYONE's Favorite). Coach Jessie will be a teacher next year, and a GREAT one at that, but coach Dan is that rare young man who is simply perfect. He makes all of the kids laugh, he spends tons of time with them just playing and hanging out. He corrects the younger boys' behavior, teaches all of them to play cool games, and most of all he and Blondie have the same sense of humor. Cheesie preferred Miss Jessie, but Blondie would wait her turn until coach Dan could watch her go down the lane.

After the awards was THE DANCE. They played a lot of old classics (fun to dance to) as well as the group dances like ChaCha Slide. The kids had a ball, but I could only get a few good pictures because they were all moving so fast. We left when the swimteam starting thinking it was great to run out to the golf course and run through the sprinklers. All in all, a great night.

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