Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catching up

You would think with all that "free time" teachers have I would be keeping up daily with my blog. HA. I just finished another grad class, so that is one thing checked off my list, and swim lessons end this Friday. After that we just go to the pool to enjoy ourselves and spend time in the water - enjoyment, not obligation- check. I also just finished a Barbara Kingsolver book that I really enjoyed, so that was for my own inner peace - check.

Brian has been working on his big project this summer. I THOUGHT it was going to be installing the hardwood floors in the remaining two bedrooms and finish the hallway. Apparently that is a project for when we are unable to go outside (it's been reasonably nice this summer, so I guess "sort of hot" is outside weather). Instead, he tore out the screened porch, painted all of the studs, rescreened it, painted the ceiling, and installed the fan. THEN he washed and painted the siding in the back of the house, and all of the windows. He was ready to move on to the side of the house when I got grouchy and wanted my windows scraped from all that paint he got on the class, but he is ALMOST finished with the back of the house. It looks great. The before picture isn't so great, but you get the idea. He has definitely been busy, and I guess my flooring can wait until some other time - even though it is in the garage and whispers to me every time I walk by it.

Now we just have to put in the flooring upstairs (and downstairs) gut the kitchen, redo the bathrooms, tile the kitchen, redo the deck and railing....

Over the fourth, the kids were all in the neighborhood parade. All of the kids, pets, and convertibles, and anyone else for that matter, who want to walk in the parade are invited. We are usually at the lake house for the 4th, but the drought this year has killed those plans, so the girls decorated their bikes and all of them rode. Big Al and T-Rex of course didn't need any help, but Blondie was wiped out by the riding (we rode all the way to the tennis courts-in the parade- and then back to the house), and Cheesie showed a LOT of responsibility by riding on the side of the road very carefully.

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