Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swimming, and bike riding

Another swim meet last night. None of my girls are going to the Olympics any time....ever, but they are learning the strokes and are more and more water safe. Cheesie was thrilled because she is finally putting her face in the water, but still needs help. Blondie swam the 25 yards with someone near her, but not touching her. They tried to get her to swim by herself but she freaked out. The girl with her didn't touch her once though - more of a security blanket. Pictures of Cheesie with her ribbon, and Blondie in the pool.

T- Rex HATES competing. She is very steady and deliberate with everything she does, and doesn't necessarily see the point in trying to be first. I love this backstroke picture that Brian took. Big Al has size going against her. It's pretty easy to beat a 60 pound 11 year old - the other girls were taller than me, but she is the opposite of T-Rex and is very competitive.

On the therapy front: The PT came to our house today because her new space won't be ready until next week. We showed her the Wii (the Wii fit specifically) and she became very excited. All of the girls play it, but it really shows me how Blondie balances her weight between both feet. Here all this time I though she was fairly even when she stood, but NOOOO she is a big fat cheater. So now if she wants to land her ski jump she has to push down hard on her left foot (very good strengthening for her). So we have silly Wii pictures (please ignore the crud in the background - I live a REAL life and no, I don't know why the dollhouse is on the rocking stool except that they can get to both sides, and sometimes they have earthquakes), as well as a video of her riding her bike.
We need to adjust the bike, but the new pedals are absolutely great. I only intended to have one of them put on, but Brian had both done. She is still on training wheels, and we do have her arm strapped on this time (she also rides with just one hand) but I can't take those extra wheels off until the Wii tells me she isn't cheating when she balances. Who knew $10.00 pedals would make all the difference in a child's independence.

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