Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Okay, not totally lazy (Brian is working on painting the house right now), but almost lazy. This morning we got up and went to our local Children's park less than a mile from our house. A University owns it, and uses it for agricultural classes - at least for the community. In the back away from the main drag is the children's garden set up like garden rooms. There is the 100 acre forest, the ladybug garden, the three bears, the butterfly garden, and Old MacDonald's farm. It is a great place to sit back and read while your kids safely run around exploring things. T-Rex like finding the pear and peach trees, the strawberry plants, etc. After they played a bit they all ran around playing hide and seek. Blondie came home covered in sand. Down below the garden is a big pond with a viewing deck and an open classroom. It is just a GREAT place to relax and discover a little bit of nature.

We walked down to the pond and saw dragonflies, spiders, a yellow jack nest (yikes), and small fish. The dogs had a ball too because they got out of the house.

A few people from a group I belong to were curious about how Blondie walks without her brace, so since my camera is now obviously working, here it is. She doesn't have too much of a limp, but still turns out her knee and drags her foot a bit. She walks much better with her brace on. She thought I was crazy asking her to walk toward the camera - I got a big "You are SO WEIRD" attitude.

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