Monday, June 9, 2008

Girl Scout Trip

On Friday I took my junior girl scout troop (Big Al's) to Savannah to Kayak - unfortunately they dropped our reservation because they didn't send out their waivers - more unfortunately they didn't tell me until we were WELL on our way. Instead, the girls voted (they were SO FLEXIBLE) and we did a trolley ghost tour. We found out that the girl scout founder's house had a couple of stories to it. One was that when her mother died, a family member saw her father in the hallway waiting for her, and then a servant later reported how after the mom died he saw her and her ghostly husband come down the stairs together and out the front door. Another story was that a bunch of girl scouts were on tour and asked an older tour guide if the house was haunted. She was quite agitated by the question and told the girls there was no such thing as ghosts, and then POW the doors to the bookcases opened and hit her in the rump. It was great. We also went to the beach and played around - Big Al took a turn at being a "super model" (all 4 feet 7 inches and 62 pounds of her) and had great fun with her friends rolling in the surf.

On Saturday we went to the girl scout headquarters and watched the ridiculous movie that Juliette Gordon Low had written to advertise girl scouts. It had Margaret the amazing girl scout who could do ANYTHING - at one point saving the telegraph dude who was robbed and then sending a telegraph for help - and then later redoing the house of a soldier in the war. Lots of giggles watching that one. The girls then voted to go over to the birthplace and take the tour. Thankfully we managed to get in. The young tour guide we had was SPECTACULAR - although the older women running the place are very difficult to deal with - lots of lecturing about things. We saw the bookcases in the library that they had heard about during the ghost tour, and found it fascinating that they actually keep them open all the time because they keep opening by themselves anyway. I loved how they allowed us to walk into the rooms - the girls looked at the books Ms. Low read, and were able to walk up to paintings and look at them closely etc. They also asked fabulous questions about which were original pieces and which were just period pieces- didn't know they knew about those things. Juliette Gordon Low was amazing, a phenomenal artist, but I bet during her time period she was VERY eccentric, and bossy.

Here we are in front of the Headquarters:

And Daisy Low welded these gates herself - I think the light makes them look quite ghostly - not
one other picture turned out like this:

OOOOHHHH scary..... I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the big trees and the sunlight coming through them.....

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