Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I was watching a morning news type show - Today, or Good Morning America, or something like that... and they did a story on parenting situations where the Dad actually did half of the parenting, and household chores in addition to working fulltime (like the wife). I must admit, I didn't know this was newsworthy, because my husband has pretty much always done this. He truly participates in just about everything. He does dishes, bathes children, goes to soccer practices, chauffers when he isn't working, etc. This year we were truly excited when his company allowed him to work from home. This meant that I didn't have to drag all of the girls around to every other girl's activity. There is nothing more patience testing than sitting in a therapy waiting room with 3 girls who know they still have to go to dance, or horses. When Blondie was sick, and later when my father was dying, Brian managed everything at home because he knew I needed to be somewhere else and focused on something else - this was in addition to spending a week at the hospital with Blondie, and sitting with my Mom on my Dad's final days. We've faced many challenges (all of our kids have hospital experiences), but we've known each other since high school. He has always been there, and we have always worked difficult situations through together.
I know that things are taken care of even if I'm not around - their clothing may not match with him in charge, but he definitely is involved.

So Happy Father's Day Brian. I love you dearly.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for inviting me to read your diary. I read a few entries but only have time for 1 comment. You daughter seems to being doing very well. i did even notice some movement of her left arm when swimming. 4 girls must be a handful and i love all the nicknames!