Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally, balloon ride pictures

My sister came over this week to download the pictures of the hot air balloon ride T-Rex got to do for being #5 in the school for reading so many books. It was a thrilling day for her, and Brian got to go with her. You can see the smile on her face - sort of. I have to get in there and lighten it up, but she definitely looks like she enjoyed herself.

We have also begun to harvest tomatoes and cucumbers from our little garden, in addition to the beans. We picked some corn, but it didn't look very good. T-Rex remarked (about the cucumbers) that it was amazing we could grow something that tasted "store bought." I must say they are the BEST cucumbers I have ever tasted, and hopefully they will continue to grow.
A pretty slow week for us. I really like the pace of summer vacation.

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