Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was a regular therapy day for Blondie. I took video of her on the elliptical (working on the fluidity of her running) as well as running with her new brace on (I asked her to walk, but every time I asked that today she just took off running - she thought it was funny - booger). The limp is still evident, but I love how this brace picks up her toes so she doesn't drag them and trip over them. I also LOVE that she can wear regular tennis shoes with them.

In other news tonight. Please keep Jessie Hall in your thoughts as you go through your day tomorrow. She will have surgery like Blondie's and I know her parents are worried. This family has set up a scholarship for kids like Blondie who go to college, and have worked hard to secure donations. They went public with their story, so you can read about them here: http://cbs13.com/health/Jessie.Hall.Rasmussens.2.728858.html and they have a blog here http://jessiekelley.blogspot.com/ if you would like to follow her story. Best of Luck Jessie - Blondie is pulling for you.

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