Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just heard today that Jessie Hall had a successful surgery. I remember that night so clearly because I was shocked to see how still Blondie's body was. She had been having seizures every 5 minutes or so and to see her still was so strange. I remember thinking that the hard part was over, and that each and every day she would be able to do something new. She still improves all the time. Today Blondie was working on first grade math in a workbook and working to improve her handwriting. She can walk, run, climb, read, and is working on her swimming. I know that Jessie's parents will be dedicated to her recovery, and perhaps we'll be able to connect with them next week when we go to see my grandparents in Northern Virginia.

I'm posting video from the sprinkler the other day of Blondie and T-Rex - just to give the page something to view. Today in the pool Blondie tried to use both arms to do the freestyle stroke (all by herself), but then her bottom would sink down. She swims okay underwater, but we are building back up her stamina at the moment. She also was able to float on her back, but when she tried to do the backstroke she would flip over. Swimming really builds her strength like nothing else. When we first put her in the pool two summers ago she couldn't even begin to move her left leg even though she had been walking for over a year. Cheesie continues to worry about jumping in and hasn't quite put it all together yet, but I know it will click for her soon. Big Al and T-Rex are swimming with the big kids and doing well. I will try to post pictures and video tomorrow.

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