Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Trip pt. 2 OR Where Ms. D completes her pilgrimage

So, after having a lovely morning with Jessie and her family we went to the Baltimore Aquarium- a MOST wonderful place to visit, VERY crowded on Saturdays, and a little pricey, but we had a BLAST. Blondie was fascinated by the sharks, and wandered around that level looking in all the windows of the tank. The others were quite tired, and there was some serious adolescent attitude from Big Al, but they sat there and sighed loudly while I walked around with Blondie. Cheesie thought the starfish looked like Patrick on SpongeBob.

We returned to grandma's that night, and enjoyed an evening with the extended family. This is my Dad's family, so it's nice to touch base as we all come to grips with our loss.

On Sunday we went back on the Metro (Cheesie was SO thrilled) and rode into DC to the Foggy Bottom stop (Big Al still giggles about that name). Cheesie wanted to prove to us that she could stand up without help and hold on without falling. She really just loves that train.

We ended up at George Washington University and walked down to the main drag where we vaguely knew the Einstein memorial was located. After I marched the children briskly down the hill we started hearing them complain just as I crossed the street and found THIS:

and then we walked through the grounds and saw THIS:

but you don't really understand how big it is until I show you THIS:

This thing was gigantic. I always thought it was just a regular sized statue sitting on some steps. What was funny was how many other math geeks,.... I mean math enthusiasts were like me and showing up to take pictures. So along with my shirts purchased on Friday, I now have my own photos to make into a poster for my classroom(Yes, I climbed on him too to take the picture - I'm just not dumb enough to post it here). Pilgrimage complete. Go in peace.

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