Thursday, June 12, 2008


Everyday (Monday through Friday) the girls all take swim lessons. First up are Big Al and T-Rex. Today they were practicing starts for a meet tonight so I only have a couple of pictures of them. On Monday nights there are less competitive meets, and on Thursdays there are timed meets. My kids prefer the Monday meets, which honestly works for me because I haul kids all school year, and even though Blondie has therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays I like to take a small break from being the chauffer.

After the big girls swim we have about 45 minutes before the little girls' lesson, so we bring snacks, set up a blanket and take a break for a few minutes. At 11:00 the little girls jump in the pool. Today, however, there was a LOT of complaining, from Cheesie. Then she got in the pool. It looked like this:

She is still learning to put her face in the water, and decided in the last two days that she will no longer jump in, so she gets dropped in fairly unceremoniously. When she puts her face in she takes a deep breath and then puts her face in with her mouth open. She can't quite seem to get the coordination of the whole thing.

Blondie also swims in the 6 and unders. Today I have pictures of her and video - my video of Cheesie didn't look too great so I'll put that on when she can go by herself. She is still building her stamina for getting down the pool - which she could pretty much do last year, but we've only had about 4 lessons so far this summer. She is also working on her backstroke which she can float fairly well, but when she reaches the stroke she tends to flip over. Yesterday and today she started trying to use two hands to do a freestyle stroke, so I tried to catch that too. As they all get better I will be sure to post the videos.

I'll try to post more tomorrow - I'm working on a class right now and my videos are not cooperating.

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