Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just the usual

Big Al (#26) had two soccer games this weekend (about 2 hours from home) so we rode with friends. They are playing up to the next age group, so they were completely slaughtered - not one goal in either game. The girls played well, and I'm sure it will pay off, but it may be a losing season, and then we'll rock it next year. Her coach is fantastic, so that isn't the issue, the girls just have to learn to play at this new level.

Cheesie has decided to join Blondie in learning how to play tennis. This is fantastic because it is one less place to drive, their lessons are at the same time, AND they can "play" each other in the driveway, or the cul de sac (or the neighborhood courts). She was initially leaning towards dance again, but thankfully chose something one of her sisters was doing. The picture below is not of tennis - SOMEONE I'm married to left the camera on the counter instead of taking pictures, so we'll add those next weekend.
Cheesie also has joined a Daisy girl scout troop, so I now have a Daisy, a Brownie, a Junior, AND a cadette. So far 3 of those troops are mine - you have NO IDEA how many cookie booths that means I will spend time in during February and March - I think Brian is going to spend his fair share of time there as well.
BTW - we finally ate one of the canned pears from a past posting, and they were GREAT! We are claiming the family trees at the lake house next year so don't pick any pears.

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