Thursday, September 25, 2008

Therapy Thursday - way more upbeat

Blondie has two hours back-to-back on Tuesdays and Thursdays after a long day at school. She is usually half asleep by the time we get home and then has a lazy evening (thankfully homework is completed in my classroom after school while she is still rather "fresh"). Last September (for reasons that are probably posted on this blog) we had to stop going to OT and she only went to PT, but this summer Ms. Tonya joined Ms. Kathy and life has been good. We have seen SO much progress this summer, partly because Blondie is getting older and starting to care about what she can do, partly because of swimming, but mostly because of these two women.

So Blondie worked her fanny off today too. She started with Ms. Kathy who had her holding balls of different sizes and dropping them into a bucket. Kathy would stretch her fingers on to the ball, and then Blondie would reach it over to the bucket.
Then she would sit there and wait and think about dropping it.
And FINALLY her left hand would release it.
and sometimes it just took too darn long.
Here is a fairly quick one.
She then moved on to climbing tons of stairs, and writing invitations to a party while lying on her tummy with her left arm bent and holding her weight.
Ms. Tonya then stepped in, and they did her exercises, and then worked on a sewing card. (Booyah) Notice lefty holding on without dropping it.
Then Ms. Tony would set up patterns with the pegs, and Blondie would have to finish the pattern and then "take them off" with lefty.
Then we left, she slept on the way home, and then sent her into the house while I ran to get Big Al from soccer. From there I paid 16.00 to bind up Big Al's latin ABC book that BETTER earn an A, and finally arrived home. All in all a productive day, without the gloom from yesterday.

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