Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the games begin!

Today Blondie had tennis - but I won't write much about it because you've seen it before....

T-Rex has taken up archery, and today had a very....... um..... exciting tournament. I have never been to one of those before, but it ranks up there with watching golf in my book. No one can make a sound until all 3 arrows of the competitors have been shot, and then there are endless rounds. First there were five rounds (10 kids 3 arrows each - two groups shooting) of shooting standing up:

Then there were five rounds of the same kids shooting while kneeling

Then there was five rounds of the same kids sitting and shooting

Then there were five rounds of open stance (they could stand, kneel, or sit) with ten kids shooting and then the awards. T-Rex is new to this sport, but did pretty well. She is looking forward to the next tournament in 3 months. I am very proud of her for competing, she generally hates the idea of performing in front of anyone, but she keeps trying. She wants to do fencing as well, but it conflicts with archery and chorus so we'll have to wait on that. We may have her back riding horses in a few months.

Finally this evening, I took Big Al to her soccer game. She is on a travel team, and they are "playing up" against the U13 girls (her team is made up of 11 yo). Because of Hurricane Hannah, no wait, Tropical Storm, no wait, the rain that was supposed to hit the coast of our state they canceled tonight's game (it was against a team from the coast). Instead we set up a scrimmage which was great for our girls because they scored a bunch (and the other team didn't) and it let them know that this wouldn't be a slaughter of a season. They were nervous about all of the new rules, and moving up to more girls on the field and not to mention playing against older girls. It looks like a nice group of girls (Big Al goes to school with a lot of them) and a supportive group of parents (we'll see how the season progresses - can only be better than last year).
My chauffer days are ramping up, but so far very little stress about it. Crossing my fingers it stays that way.

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