Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Therapy Tuesday

We have had a bit of a break with PT because Ms. Kathy is in New Zeland, but she'll be back next week. We've only had OT for the last few weeks, but Ms. Tonya packs so much into them Blondie is always sleeping in the car on the way home.

Yesterday there was a whole LOT of attitude at therapy - and it wasn't mine. Blondie was NOT going to cooperate. She was trying like crazy to divert Ms. Tonya into doing other things, but thankfully Tonya held her ground. She had to use lefty to take off a necklace wrapped around her arm, played hopscotch (trying to hop on left foot, which is SO DARN HARD). I didn't get pictures of that because I was grading papers, but I'll try tomorrow. Then came putting back on shoes to do something of her choice. Unfortunately for Tonya putting shoes on was not a choice Blondie wanted to make, so the attitude surfaced. Blondie pouted, and cried, and stared into space, and threw NASTY looks at both of us. She ONLY wants to put on her right shoe because it's easier to reach, but that left one is harder to see, and getting in the right position is difficult. Blondie's strategy was to drag it out long enough that one of us would do - unfortunately for her it was pouring down rain outside (lots of thunder and lightening) so we weren't in a hurry anyway. Eventually she finished, but found that she had wasted so much time she couldn't do anything else fun. She HATES those consequences!

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Jessie said...

Blondie is doing amazing things with her shoes, despite the attitude. I can't imagine the day when Jessie can get all the way dressed all by herself.

Keep up the great rehab work. Your site continues to be our inspiration and reference for rehab done right.

Have a GREAT week. Cris and Kristi