Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to the regularly scheduled program

If you have read this blog related to therapy, I'm sure you've noticed my frustration with the lack of services in my town. Well, thankfully our therapist opened her own place a few months ago and we of course followed her over. It is a townhouse sort of building with a storefront (therapy clinic) downstairs, and a two story condo above (which they rent). Apparently on New Year's Eve, after she had left (THANK YOU LORD!), the former husband of the tenant decided to drive his car through the back of the clinic to get the attention of his former wife. THANKFULLY, Kathy had pulled out a bunch of the things a few days before to do inventory, and adjust to a new business snag that has come up so nothing but the building was damaged. But that is the problem isn't it.... the building is damaged. So Kathy moved a couple of doors down to a fitness place that allows her to use it during the day, and Tonya (OT) now comes to our house. I am very glad that these women are so flexible and so obviously dedicated to the children they serve.

So Blondie had a spectacular therapy yesterday, but I only got a few pictures of OT because I had forgotten the camera. But, Blondie is beginning to ROTATE HER THUMB UP. I know, for the unititiated that is small potatoes, but Blondie's "sleepy" hand wants to desperately rotate so that her thumb is totally down. PT got her moving it some yesterday, and then I was able to capture a picture of OT having her raise it to touch her nose - again - tough for her to do. It requires the elbow being brought in close to the body, muscles that don't want to
work being forced to stretch, and finally that wrist rotated a tiny bit to bring the thumb around. Progress folks, progress.

On another topic. ... Remember when I was rooting for Big Al to stick it to the band director and show him that she could be a percussionist, but I was being a good mom and allowing her to earn it herself without that annoying parent phone call being placed? Well, somehow her bell set (looks like a metal xylophone thingie to me) has found a home in my foyer. The foyer with terrible sound reflecting tiles (which will sometime this year be replaced with hardwood 'cause I didn't put those ugly things in) that allow ding ding dings to bounce up the stairwell and into every room in my house. THEN, it was left out so that little sisters could practice their own "musicology" on it. Since Blondie can't work two sticks at one time - yet - she talked Cheesie into holding the other one.

All this was being presided over by Maggie. She sleeps on our stairs, just high enough to see through the front windows and guard us from cars passing by, and those darn people who insist on exercising on her road. So if you ever pop over and need to use the stairs - be sure to skip the 4th one from the bottom, because that spot is taken.

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