Thursday, January 1, 2009

Closing a chapter, starting another

My first intention in starting this blog was to post for family members, and allow myself a place to vent about raising my kids, and to show how one of my super kids was really living quite the normal life after a very abnormal experience. At first it focused mostly on Blondie, but I realized that our world didn't revolve just around Blondie, but around the 6 of us and our extended family. I really didn't expect to see many people reading this, but then Jessie's family linked up to us, and a LOT of people started checking in on Blondie, and we began receiving emails about how our way of trying to plod through life helped others.

Last year we lost my dad, and yesterday my Great Aunt Ruby (a fantastic person), we experienced an Arlington funeral, and learned to move forward. Blondie finished Kindergarten, and Cheesie started, now all are in school. I switched jobs, we switched therapies, and we switched some after school activities. We started a garden, ate from the garden, and tried to live a little healthier - Dad's cancer was a BIG motivater. I've lost 14 pounds, and have a ways to go between the weight gained when Blondie was in the hospital, and the weight that wasn't lost after Cheesie was born the year before that... another motivation from the the cancer.

This year.... well.... who knows. Definitely going to continue to lose weight. Definitely going to do the garden again, although maybe larger. We need to live an even healthier lifestyle, so we need to work on that. I hope to use those little grocery bags we now have that always stay on the hook or in the car but never with me in the store. I hope to get more organized (HA - definitely the one that will get dropped pretty early). We will continue to post Blondie's progress, as well as the strides made by all of our girls, but we recognize that Blondie may get more blogspace because it might help others. T-Rex and I are determined to make a lot of things this year, so we'll post our project progress too.

So for now, we just keep moving forward.



Jessie said...

Have an exciting New Year!!! We hope to see all of you again soon. Cris and Kristi Hall

Summer Fae said...

I am so sorry for your loss.