Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marry a thief - again

I am a bad, bad mom. I allowed Big Al to go to my brother's CD release party for Marry a Thief..... held in a Tavern. Tavern is the polite name for a bar that gathers a whole bunch of college kids. We listened to Cayla perform one of the opening acts, but I had to take Big Al outside for the second opening band (way to attached to 4-letter words). Marry a Thief came on, and unfortunately because we had left the place for the band before, we didn't have a place up front to listen. So we found steps on the side and Big Al watched the show from there.

Colin was, of course, AWESOME. My mom took these pictures and more (sorry Mom, I totally ripped you off). You can check them out at . You can also check out if you want to hear more of their music. I believe they have posted their new song ONLY on the website.

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eavice said...

You do get points for a cultural lesson. Some lessons show us different cultural expressions while some lessons show culturally crass expressions. You got two for the price of one! Way to go.