Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turning 13

Okay, she actually turns 13 on Saturday, but we had a small friend gathering before everyone left town, and others go to a big concert on Saturday. This weekend Big I will join us for her "family" birthday and we'll finish off the celebration.
Last night she had a few girls from school come over and spend the night. They played guitar hero, ate dinner, and did "girl stuff" for quite awhile. At one point I had visions of her future as they played around with flat irons, and hair in the bathroom. It really reminded me of my high school (and college) days getting ready to go out with friends. They seem to have had a good time hanging out - despite Big Al starting to get conjested.

Listening to a sweet letter from "B".

Opening presents

Although much subdued compared to last year due to budget constraints, Big Al is excited about being allowed to wear some makeup now, and she is having a great year with these friends. I'm very proud of her.

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