Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick-or-Treating in different directions

Apparently last year WAS the last year that all my chicks would trick-or-treat together.

Big Al went to a party with her friends, after we made those costumes yesterday (they wanted to be "skinny m&m's).

T-Rex started with us, but quickly ditched us for her friends, although Cheesie's friends were still with us.
And the little girls were excited that my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin went with us for a bit. I crack up that they all dress up, but they had a great time (The bee keeper, the Queen Bee, and the two little bees). Tiny Miss Busy Pants hung in there for a while, but had to be taken home when she was walking and yawning at the same time. She also thought she was supposed to go inside everyone's house. FUN!

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Holly said...

aww the costumes are great!