Saturday, July 10, 2010


Last weekend Big Al decided to try her hand at skiing. She is a fairly athletic person, and game for pretty much anything. When I was a kid I learned from my Uncle Mark and Uncle Tom. Big Al had the same teachers.
Mark in the water with Big Al, giving directions, and boosting confidence.
Tom driving the boat - either giving more directions or making ridiculous comments.

Giving it a try - she finally gets up. I don't know how many times she tried.
Getting cocky -she was showing off.... not falling over.

Around the cove a few times

Coming in for a landing.

She is quite excited about knowing how to do this..... of course she wants us to hurry up and buy a boat (won't be happening) so she doesn't have to wait for an Uncle to be at the lake. She's also anxious to learn to slalom. I bet she'll do it too.

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