Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Fort

My husband is an avid photographer. He absolutely adores nature photography, and I think this fall we're going to combine my love of hiking, with his photography, and take some weekend trips.

Yesterday we had my mom and brother come over for dinner, and as I'm buzzing around the house I look out and see this:

He explained that he wanted to get better pictures of the birds on the rail eating the birdseed, but every time he opened the door to the porch they flew away. He figured if he built the fort that they would get used to it and he could sneak his pics since the camera was hiding in the plants. Um...... okay.

Today, tent 2.0 was created. Plywood and tarps from the garage came out, I guess to protect him from the rain.

This is the man I married 18 years ago today, after dating him for 6 years. He is still the funniest thing ever.

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