Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hiking Congaree

A friend of mine from the Master Naturalist class I'm taking (Karen) and I went to Congaree today to try to find pictures of the animals/plants we need for the culminating project. It's supposed to take 30 hours, and we used about 4 today. I'm doing Cypress tress, because I LOVE Cypress knees, but I couldn't find the Prothonetary Warbler that I wanted (it nests in the knees).

My favorite place on our hike - There was a little waterfall and then it spilled into this place of tupelo and cypress trees. The one tupelo has a nesting hole in it.

Video of my favorite spot.

We had a great time hiking 4.5 miles on the Westin Lake Loop - and thankfully didn't come across any wild pigs, although we did see the tracks. It was lovely to walk along the creek.
We saw a bunch of 5 line skinks ( a broad one too, but I didn't catch it with the camera).

There were a couple black snakes (watch where you walk even on the boardwalk).

Praying Mantis

Cypress Trees and Knees

Look closely for the lovely barred owl.
If you're ever in the Columbia area you really need to pack your hiking shoes, and the bug spray - and get to Congaree National Park. It's free, and its worth your time. It's the last tiny bit of old growth forest in South Carolina. If you like hiking then get off the boardwalk - the boardwalk is nice, but there are soooooo many ways to experience this place.

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