Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Weekend

I've been away from the blog for too long (for my father-in-law anyway), so here is the update.
A week ago we went back to the lake - just the girls and I. It was unbearably hot - the kind of hot where even at 8 a.m. the lake is already warm. The little girls swam endlessly, the big girls hung around, and swam a little bit. It wasn't as exciting for them because the cousins (and the boats) weren't there, in addition to no computer and t.v.

My Aunt, Uncle and Brian showed up on Friday and continued working on converting a bedroom into two bathrooms inside, while I continued to sit with my kindle and watch the girls play. We were also treated to a mayfly invasion - for whatever reason they have had about 3 hatchings this year. It usually happens early in the summer, and the bugs only last 24 hours. T-Rex and Big Al were not pleased because if you walked to the lake they would always swarm since they were hanging out on the pampass grass and tree trunks that are down by the water. The fish and birds were having a field day though.

That evening my mom, and I, took the girls to Sullivan's Island to take pics by the ocean, and give the girls a change of scenery. We watched the guys out there

kite surfing,
and pole boarding.
Big Al was practicing her tumbling,

while T-Rex flew a kite,
and Blondie built a sand castle - just out of reach of the tide,
and Cheesie followed grandma around jumping into all of her pictures.

This was all fine with me because I could just wander around and look at the natural world

ghost crab

brown pelican

Most nights ended with a campfire (even though it was easily still in the 90's). It was an enjoyable weekend, and I hope to get at least one more visit in before I have to go back to work.

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Recovering Noah said...

Wow, I love the pictures!!! Looks like tons of fun. Have to admit, though, that we live on the lake and I never get in it. I have a thing about murky water. lol. But then I see pictures of people on the lake and I always think... that looks like so much fun. Wish I could to that! Then I remember.. oh yeah, I can. *blush*

One of these days I'll conquer my fears of lake water. lol