Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last week T-Rex started a fencing class. She has been wanting to do this for about a year now, and was very patient waiting for the opportunity. She has always been interested in unique extra curricular activities, and in adding fencing to archery and horseback riding I frequently tease her about growing up and becoming an Elf from Lord of the Rings.

On the very first day she learned about footwork, found an outfit and foil that fit, and got to spar with another student. She is very excited to be learning to do this, and is already talking about competing - which is thrilling because she generally stays away from being on stage. She enjoyed it so much that she kept talking about it to her buddy "S" and now Buddy S is signed up for lessons too.
Here they are competing against each other. T-Rex is on the left, Buddy S on the right.

Fencing is a workout!

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