Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Cheesie turned seven today. She is such a funny little thing - sweet, smart, sassy, and an absolute control freak.

My sister has a tradition where she takes the girls out for a special day after their birthday - she might take them shopping, to the movies, dinner, something fun. Last week Christy was out of town, and Cheesie realized that there was something she wanted for her birthday and she figured she would never get it. I walked into the living room to find her crying:

Me: What is the matter?
Cheesie: (sobbing) Aunt Christy is gone this week.
Me: Yes, but she'll be back on Thursday.
Cheesie: (still sobbing) but I want to go shopping because I really want something.
Me: What is it you want that you can't wait for your birthday to see if you get it?
Cheesie: A Tervis Tumbler.
Me: Seriously?
Cheesie: YES, I want a bunch of them.

I walked out so she wouldn't see me laughing. My almost seven year old wants a 10 dollar plastic cup that doesn't leave rings on the tables, and can hold hot and cold drinks. She thinks they are awesome. I was given one for my birthday, and one from my school, so she has wanted one for awhile apparently.

Seven year olds are very tech savvy, and mine went online and googled tervis tumblers, and made a list of what she wanted. She also wanted an erector set. Thankfully, she received two of the cups (flip flops, and her initial), as well as a big erector set that she can't wait to build things with, and a couple of puzzles that she loves to do. Family came over for dinner tonight, and helped her celebrate. This weekend she'll have a couple little girls spend the night, and play. I think she was pretty happy.

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