Friday, August 27, 2010

Reader's Theater

Blondie wants so badly to be able to enjoy reading, but it is a struggle for her compared to other children. Her teacher introduced the class to reader's theater this week. Each child gets a script, and instead of doing a play, they read it with appropriate emotion, etc. She was SOOOOOO excited.... the hitch.... they performed it today at 2:00..... when I was teaching my own students and couldn't leave. I was bummed because it was yet another event (added to awards ceremonies, kindergarten performance during the day, fieldtrips, etc) I couldn't attend.

THANKFULLY, Grandma Cathy was able to show up, provide audience support, and take pictures for me. Mom was quite impressed with Blondie's ability to flip the script pages with one hand. Blondie told me grandma was silly because all you have to do is slide your finger between the pages and then whip it over. That girl is always problem solving.

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Megan said...

Way to go, Blondie! What a great teacher, super thinking outside the box!!