Tuesday, May 31, 2011

8th Grade Graduation

Tonight Big Al had her graduation ceremony for her magnet program. A magnet is a "school within a school" for a specific purpose. Our district has many programs for the arts, science based, health, etc. Big Al and T-Rex go to the one for high achieving students. Only 80 kids are in her 4 classes and they have been together for 3 years. For the most part we have been exceptionally pleased with everything, and it has definitely been a positive experience.

In this ceremony the students performed individually and in pairs for about ten total pieces. Then the faculty from 6th - 8th all did their presentation. The 6th grade science teacher did a wonderful poem full of references to their activities and jokes about what the teachers "really" are. 7th grade did Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" with all of the kids names listed throughout the song. Part way through the other teachers brought out their lighters. It concluded with the 8th grade history teacher giving a speech about perseverance and profiling Howard Carter's persistance through his life.

After the certificates were handed out the families gathered downstairs to have some food and watch the slideshow of their three years together. It was fun to see everyone, and reminisce about all of the things the kids have accomplished. Afterwards there was a lot of picture taking...

Big Al will cheer with the two on the right next year.

"B" has been one of Big Al's best friends from the beginning. She is a lot of fun and a bundle of energy. We love her dearly and hope they keep in touch as they go to different high schools next year.
"J" has been a soccer buddy for quite a few years.
"A" was also one of Big Al's favorite people.... just like a brother.

These are all super kids who are going in many different directions, but I know these kids will definitely achieve their goals.

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