Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I'm a day late for Mother's Day, but I was busy celebrating it in a hammock. Initially the plan was to go hiking somewhere I hadn't been before, but I woke up to serious allergies, so I

switched gears to something very mellow.

I woke up to breakfast in bed, and the traditional natural presents. Instead of fruit trees this year I received some Gardenia bushes, tall boxwoods (who could resist after visiting Pearl Fryar) and the Calla Lillies below.

The weather was perfect - warm, but a serious breeze going, so I spent a long part of the day lying in the hammock reading a book, drinking a beverage.

T-Rex made me delicious chocolate covered strawberries. We later found similar ones in the store for $25.00 a dozen. T-Rex was shocked!

Hoping everyone else had a wonderful day. I know mine was just right for me.

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