Sunday, May 29, 2011

T-Rex on a field study

Guest blogger: T-Rex

On Thursday, my school took a trip to Savannah. We visited a marine science lab by an estuary. One of the activities was a touch tank where we could hold crabs, horseshoe crabs, starfish, hermit crabs, and snails.

One of the first things I held were the starfish. I figured out that if you keep them flat on your hand they would start to crawl off. One of my classmates thought it would be a nice idea to hold one too, but another friend came behind him and accidently bumped into him. Unfortunately the boy was holding the starfish by the leg and it popped off. Above, is me holding the arm (still moving) with the starfish in the background. Here I am holding a crab.

One of the tanks held seahorses which my friends loved.

Our last activity was a trawler. It was a boat whereyou throw nets into the water and you pull them up and then study the animals. We caught two stingrays, a dozen squid, a jellyfish, a ton of fish, a few crabs, a couple shrimp, and a hermit crab.

This is one of the few shrimp that were caught being held by our guide.

This was one of the bigger squid that was caught.

It was a fun field study, and I had a great time.

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