Sunday, July 1, 2012

Waikiki, Lanikai and the Luau

After hiking Diamond Head, and eating lunch, we headed over to the beach to avoid rebellion by four girls.  They found plenty to do.  No, Cheesie isn't surfing, she was balancing in the very strong waves.

Blondie and Big Al boogie boarding

and then you would think we would head home exhausted. NOPE, not my kids. They immediately jumped in the pool and the hot tub with the cousins.  (I have no idea what Cheesie was doing)

The next morning we drove to a nearby beach called Lanikai. It's really a neighborhood with folks living on the beach side. Between certain houses are public beach access point. We went down to the furtest one and found a tiny beach. It was difficult to swim because it was so windy, and we were very glad we had water shoes for the rocks and reef. 

We tried snorkeling, but the wind would push you backwards into shore so it was tough to hold your position.  Just as we were thinking of leaving, we saw a sea turte pop its head out of the water.  Now this beach is across from the Mokes, which was on my list of things to do because I wanted to snorkel and sea the turtles, so Brian sent me back out to see what I could find. Of course turtles are much faster than I am, so it was gone quickly.  I eventually managed to catch site of two turtles hanging out together, but moving away from me.  So I was excited.  We ended up leaving soon after and hung out in the pool until time to get ready for the luau.
This was the view from the big house. Tough..... I know.

My in-laws invited all of us (all of their kids, grandkids, and cousins) who were in Hawaii to the luau at the Hale Koa.  As we entered they handed us a drink and we walked around the grounds. They had someone teaching the kids to make lei bracelets, weave headbands from palm fronds, poi ball swinging for the kids to try,  and music playing.

This young man showed us how to climb a coconut tree.  He was hysterically funny.

Then we were called to dinner by these young men.

The pig was pulled out of the ground.

Just know.

Blondie questioning the idea of fried bananas - NOT her thing.

Some of us. We took up 3 tables. All of the kids were so well behaved.
Part way through dinner the show started. It showcased the various dances/cultures of different islands in the pacific.  The dancers were fantastic.

Because..... he was still a great dancer....
This lady was amazing.  She is exactly what I think of when I think Hawaiian hula dancer.
Part of the show was for married folks to dance.  These are my inlaws who brought us all together.

Jillianne (my sister-in-law) was pulled up on stage to dance. She is super shy, so we were all surprised she actually participated

The guy group

This young man was the reigning world champion at the junior fire something or other championships.  He was very impressive.

Because the Hale Koa is for military folks, there was a segment for those who had fallen serving in the war. My grandfather Cecil was killed in the Korean War, so I stood with a candle during the song. Jillianne's fiance, and Brian's dad, also stood. Wayne lost friends and comrades in Iraq/Afghanistan, and my father-in-law lost friends in Vietnam.

At the end all of the dancers were outside to pose with everyone.  So I think all of us stood next to this guy..... because.... you know.
We also stood by the wonderful lady dancer.  She is not bending down, she is actually THAT tiny. 
We finished up with the twelve year old fire spinner. Shaka.

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