Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Since Hawaii.....

Since Hawaii, life has been incredibly typical. I finally pulled myself together enough to make a giant list of projects that I've been knocking out and the kids have found their own amusements....

Blondie, knowing that she'll be in 5th grade this year, and knowing that my students last year went knitting crazy, and knowing that where there's a will, there is a way..... picked up a loom that a friend gave me, and started knitting a scarf with one hand.

Big Al..... yes... she's 15...... so that is the internet up on the laptop, with her cell phone in her left hand fielding phone texts, and her ipod in her right hand checking out twitter.  I think it's time she headed for the lakehouse to unplug for awhile. She has also been working very hard on her tumbling this summer, and in addition to cheer practice, took on a tumbling clinic on her week "off." Driving is also taking center stage.

My list included things like "Hubby needs to finish the hardwood floors upstairs" (which he is patiently doing one closet at a time), which then added to my list the item of "clean out every single closet upstairs and purge until there are only useful items left." I've made several runs to the thrift store to drop off, and plan more trips in the future.  Another item on my list was, "clean off the sewing table and prioritize your projects."  SO, I finished the above set of dishcloths for someone whose last name starts with Y now..... that will be sent off tomorrow, and then made a couple more for myself because I like them.

And then in cleaning up I found my stash of patches for our blue jean travel blanket (I sewed on diligently), which then led to the extra blue jean squares. When you have 100 6x6 blue jean squares you have to make another blanket for someone else for Christmas (can't say who, but I also sewed on that person's patches), and I have almost enough for someone else's jean blanket.  I also found a project I started last year for someone else and got that back to them, and started my niece and Big Al on their own quilts. Those seem to have stalled though, so I'm sure I'm supposed to finish those too. 

So, in general, it's a giant sewing, movie watching, Olympic watching, clean up on commercials kind of couple weeks. But honestly when it is so unbelievably hot outside what else can you do.  Hopefully we get out to the lake before school starts and I'm planning on a kayak trip at some point too.  Busy, but unexciting.

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